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How to add MP3’s to your iPhone (Simple step instructions)

Apple came up with one of the most revolutionary product when they launched iPhone in 2007. Over the course, its popularity has rise multifold, and it has become the second most used phone in the world behind Samsung. The iPhone features the best features with each upgrade as they are looking to make the process of usage of phone simple while retaining all its features. And the computing power of iPhone is unmatched for as it works as new even after a few years of use.

If we talk about the advantages, we can go on for days when it comes to iPhones. But yes, like any product, it does have its own flaws. One of the major issues is the inability to put music on iPhone as we do on any Android device. There is an over-reliance on iTunes when you want to transfer music to your iPhone. You have to sync your iPhone with iTunes and then add the music you want. Or you will have to directly purchase the music from through iTunes.

And no, I am not saying iTunes is not good. It provides you one of the best ways to organise your music and easy access the wide catalogue. It is just that sometimes it gets you in a pickle when you try to add music you have accessed from other sources. So, here we are looking at some of the ways to break through this issue and put music on your iPhone without the use of iTunes.

1. Streaming Music

One of the sure shot ways to get over this issue is by using streaming services such as Spotify, Pandora, or even listening to the radio. These streaming services let you add music and make playlists which you can listen to anytime. These services let you listen to music from the word go, and it is pretty easy to use.

But this will require constant data usage and good network connection for it to work properly. These services would also have commercial advertisements played at regular intervals which might affect the way you listen to music.

To avoid this, you may have to pay a monthly subscription which would let you download the song to your device and also turn off the annoying advertisements.

YouTube is another streaming website which can be quite useful for you to find new songs and stream them on the go. But yeah, you do not get the choice to save the music on your phone to conveniently listen anytime you want.

2. Cloud Services

Cloud services are the future of data storage. Many corporations and individuals have already opted for online mass storage instead of hosting the data in their personal data storage. It saves a lot of storage space and also serves as a backup for your files. The same cloud services can be used to upload your music. You can use it to access it anytime you want. Some of the biggest cloud services provide this option for you to play this uploaded music on your iPhone.

We will discuss some of the major cloud services which allow you to upload and access the music on your iPhone.

I. Amazon Music

Amazon has been doing wonders over the past few years. There are no businesses which they are not part of. And one of them is the music business. They established Amazon Music in 2007, and it has grown on to become a major place for accessing music.

Amazon Music allows you to upload up to 250 songs for free to your music collection and access it at any point you like. The songs which you have purchased from Amazon Music would not come under this limit of 250. If you want to upload more music, you will have to pay a yearly premium of $24.99. This would allow you to store up to a whopping 250,000 songs, which is totally insane.

Or if you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can use it access the millions of songs which Amazon Music have their catalogue.

It does come with the inability to purchase or add music using the Cloud Player App. You will have to go to Amazon Music website using Safari web browser if you want to purchase any music. Once you have made the purchase through that means, it will be automatically uploaded to the Cloud Player App. This will work perfectly online and offline.

II. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a cloud service for music which does not need any introduction. If you are not much of an Amazon person, this is the service for you. It allows you to upload about 50,000 songs without paying a penny for as long as you want. The initial upload of songs would require a computer. But it will be added to your library as soon as you upload.

You can upload and listen to any of this music whenever you want to. Also, you get the option to stream music from the Google Play if you are okay with the advertisements which pop up now and then.

III. Dropbox

Dropbox is probably the most user-friendly cloud service for music in this list. You can easily store all the music on Dropbox and can access these either from the browser or the Dropbox App. It gives you a nice dark theme while playing music to save battery.

While playing in the browser, you can open, switch, or navigate between other applications with ease as the playback does not stop even when you leave the browser, a feature which is missing on YouTube. If you are looking for a smoother playback, the best option would be to download the Dropbox app. It continues playback while navigating through other applications.

If you want to play certain songs offline, you just have to star those, and it will be automatically saved in your device. It is one of the best ways to get music on your iPhone. The only feature it lacks is the ability to create playlists.

3. Substitutes for iTunes

There are some software and application which can be used instead of iTunes to add music to your iPhone. Some of these are exclusive for Microsoft Windows operated systems. So, let us take a look at some of these alternatives for iTunes if you are not looking for cloud services.

I. Media Monkey

This software works in Windows and has almost all the features which iTunes has. You can avoid iTunes on the whole by using Media Monkey. It is available in two editions, the normal and Gold edition. The normal edition is up for free download, which lets you add music to your iPhone like how you do with iTunes. The Gold edition comes at a premium of $24.95 and has additional features such as CD burning speeds and automatic library organising capability.

It has customisable features and skins which comes in handy. The feature to connect Apple devices the software is a recent update but has made a great impact.

II. CopyTrans Manager

The CopyTrans Manager is also built to work on Windows and can be used to completely replace iTunes. If you are using iTunes and is worried about losing your already existing library, CopyTrans Manager would be ideal for you. It transfers the iTunes library to its library automatically.

Additional features such as drag and drop to the library and editing on the go are available with this software.

III. Import music directly

You can import music directly to your device if it is jailbroken. Cydia Tweaks can be used to do this with ease. But most of the Cydia Tweaks have to be outdated by now, and there are no jailbreak options available if you are using iOS version 10.3.X. But if you are using iOS 10.2 you can still use Bridge, which is a Cydia application to add music to your iPhone.

It gives you the ability to add any media you have received on your iPhone to the library. You do not have to use iTunes or connect to a computer.


These are some of the ways to add music to your iPhone without worrying about iTunes. Hope you get to use any of these next time you want to get iTunes out of the equation altogether.